Higher Beings We Can Call Upon For Help And Healing

Do you sometimes feel hurt or stuck with emotional issues and don’t know how to start healing yourself?

The good news is the universe is abundant. There are higher beings that are part of us that have already transcended all that’s not of love and truth that we can call upon for help and healing any time.

When I facilitate ‘Heal with Love’ Energy Healing sessions, often times I would call in Archangel Chamuel (Archangel of Love and Peace), Arcturians and Mothership (Master Healers of the Galaxy), Higher Selves, Higher Wisdom and Light Beings of ourselves and others involved and God/Source/Creator.

Their very presence in our energy space in the spiritual realm often already help with resolving emotional energy issues and healing. Just call them out directly in your mind or out loud, e.g. “Archangel Chamuel” and feel their energy and healing.

One beautiful divine gift I discovered is that all energies have higher selves, higher wisdom and light beings that are parts of that energy that have already transcended all that’s not of love and truth. We can call out to them any time we need help with healing or resolving feelings of hurt, pain or suffering. “The Higher Selves, Higher Wisdom, Light Beings of this feeling” (The abundant universe and higher beings understands intention so it knows the feeling you’re referring to 😊 ).

For a long time, feelings would surface from time to time from past grief and interpersonal relationship issues that I had no idea where it came from despite doing a lot of self development inner work. Self hypnosis helped me discover and heal some of the root causes. It was when I started working with energy that I finally realised it’s the energy of love that can truly heal emotional wounds.

When clients are in need of deeper healing, I therefore also channel or call upon the healing energies of the highest realm of love. This include the Love of God/Creator/Source, Cosmic and Transcendental Love, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Cosmos’ Love, our Soul Families, Higher Selves, Higher Wisdom, Light Beings and Ancestors’ Love and my love for every soul, every being with respect and no judgement.

For example, we can call “The transcendental and cosmic eternal love between God/Source/Creator, Archangel Raphael (Archangel of Healing), Archangel Chamuel, Arcturians and I” and feel their very pure, beautifully deep love healing without any words necessary. You can of course also communicate and ask if they can help or support you if there’s anything specific you need.

Give it a try and happy experimenting!

Much love ❤️


If you’d like to try or learn more about healing, resolving and transcending emotional and relationship issues energetically, you can work with me 1:1 or join my upcoming group mentorship programme ‘Absolute Truth is Love’. Book a discovery call and let’s chat about how I can help you.

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