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Treat yourself to A Self Transformation Miracle:
1 to 1 RTT® Subconscious Deep Dive to overcome self sabotage for Next Level Success

I empower talented Women to Overcome Fears that are holding them back from next level success by healing the subconscious root cause, so that they can Reclaim their power, Voice & Happiness.


Tracy Tsang

Hello, my name is Tracy and I help women powerfully overcome fears (e.g. low self worth/self esteem/self confidence, fear of public speaking/visibility, imposter syndrome) that are holding them back from next level success in life, so that they can reclaim their power, voice and happiness.

Using RTT® methodology (typically within 2 – 3 sessions), I empower them to understand and heal the subconscious root causes of their struggle, eliminate negative self sabotaging beliefs and support them in creating a phenomenal personal transformation and realise their vision for a truly fulfilled life.


What is RTT®?


RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy®) is a highly effective form of therapy coaching pioneered by Britain’s top therapist Marisa Peer, with a unique set of intervention techniques which combines the best of CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy which helps you to deep dive into your subconscious and get to the root causes (often blocked out by your conscious mind) of issues that are stopping you from having the success, abundance and happiness you truly want. 

Issues that can be effectively overcome, healed and transformed at the subconscious level with RTT® include:

  • Imposter Syndrome & Self Doubt
  • Negative Inner Voice and Self Sabotaging patterns
  • Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Worth
  • Communication & Relationship Issues
  • Fear of Public Speaking/Visibility
  • Lack of motivation/Procrastination
  • Money and Success Blocks
  • Burnout, Stress & Anxiety
  • Inner Child Trauma

You deserve to live a truly fulfilled life


Mastering Your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & True Self Worth

Do you find yourself holding back from taking action towards your goals and next level success because of lack of self confidence, low self esteem or Imposter Syndrome?

Or are you a successful entrepreneur but deep down still feel unworthy of love, success, happiness and abundance in your life?

You were born just as worthy as anyone else regardless of the amount of money in your bank account. By getting to the subconscious root causes of feeling unworthy, insecure or not good enough using RTT®, I empower you to replace your negative self limiting beliefs with self empowering beliefs and behaviours at the subconscious level so that you can step into your true power and unlock your next level abundance, happiness and success. 


Freedom from Self-Sabotage in Relationships

Most relationship issues, whether romantic, family, work associates or friendships, stem from unresolved emotional trauma and inner child wounds from the past which had been suppressed. Your mind then created protective mechanisms which are in fact no longer relevant, causing you to self sabotage in relationships, block yourself from emotional intimacy and stop you from being the person you now want to be.

Through professionally facilitated RTT® sessions, I offer expert help and guide you through reviewing traumatic situations causing your current issues and detach from these past versions of you so that you can overcome your subconscious self sabotage and create the fulfilling relationships and life you deserve. 

Reclaim your Happiness

Are you reliving the past constantly and seeking validation from outside yourself?

What if the problem you have no longer exist? 

What would realising your potential feel like if you had unlimited potential?  

Would you choose to live a truly fulfilled life if it’s possible?

When you realise you are worthy just as you are and choose to reclaim your happiness by doing the inner work to reprogram your subconscious negative beliefs and self sabotaging patterns, you are able to replace them with new self empowering beliefs and create phenomenal transformation and new possibilities for your life.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Ready to start?

Book a 20 mins Complimentary Discovery Session to find out more about how I can help you overcome your fears and reclaim your power with RTT®.

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Book a Complimentary 20 mins Discovery Call to find out more about how I can help you overcome your issue and live the life you want to live .
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Make payment and book your first session.
2-part RTT® Subconscious Deep Dive
Using RTT® and Hypnotherapy, we deep dive into the subconscious root causes of your issue over 2 sessions (1 hr + 2.5 hrs), heal your past emotional traumas and replace negative self sabotaging beliefs with self empowering beliefs and actions that help you step into your true power.

You will also receive a 21 day Bespoke Personal Transformation Hypnoaudio to lock in the subconscious transformations from the session, supporting you to embody new beliefs about yourself and create new habits that will manifest the life you want to live.
You have successfully reclaimed your power and emerged as an upgraded version of you. You will have noticed some significant transformation on yourself already by the end of the programme, and your life will continue to be unfolding beautifully according to your subconscious intentions.​

Transformations Created

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Happy Clients

The RTT® Experience



Concentration & Overthinking

“A luxurious approach to vocalising your thoughts out loud and take confident action on them. I liked her skill of doing the process without an agenda. Focus on clients experience and supportive the whole way .”


Self Confidence & Procrastination

“It was a wonderful experience working with Tracy during our last sessions. Her knowledge is an inspiration and RTT® simply works. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my confidence recently. Thank you for your time and dedication. “

Merianne W. Gardner

Procrastination/Self Sabotage

“Before working with Tracy I would procrastinate with everything, even on little tasks and I would feel like a failure not completing the things I needed to do or waiting at the last minute. The insight/breakthrough during the session was that I realized I was rewarded for doing nothing based on what I heard as a kid. I am in the middle of my 21 days of listening and I have already noticed that I am taking more action and being proactive with what I need to do. I love listening to my recording and want to commend Tracy for an outstanding and amazing job!”

Sabrina Andreucci

Relationship & Communication

“I truly enjoy working with Tracy and find myself getting to know me better and better during our time together. Before my session with Tracy, I found myself quite stuck in friendships and relationships. 

I never really knew how to respond to situations that felt uncomfortable or pushed a boundary with me. I would usually keep quiet and just tolerate whatever I was experiencing until one day I would explode with frustration and anger, often unannounced to my friend/partner. 

I really battled to express myself without feeling bad for hurting the other person’s feelings. During the session I had many emotional breakthroughs in taking back my voice and my power realising that I am not my past, I am no longer defined by my upbringing and finally realising that I am a brilliant person, awesome friend and valued partner. 

Since my session with Tracy, I have noticed a remarkable shift in my approach to my friends and relationships. I am so much more gentle in expressing my opinions and even found some of my friends whom I disagree with on certain topics, agreeing with my opposing opinion. 

In another situation a friend didn’t show up to a call because they were experiencing some difficulties and instead of being angry and irritated by this, I gently reached out to her to genuinely make sure that they were ok. They were so grateful for my support and kindness in giving them grace as they were having a bad day. 

I’ve also seen with my partner I am a lot more open, I allow their support a lot more and find myself softening more into our relationship. This has been so profound! Thank you so much Tracy, I so appreciate you and the work you do.”

Dane Alan Alexander

Procrastination & Motivation

” Working with Tracy as my RTT Therapist was a great experience. Her calm and understanding demeanour helped me to go deeper within myself, this is because I was allowed to be me, I was allowed to say things without judgement, I was allowed to be free. I definitely recommend Tracy as your RTT Therapist. 

Before the RTT session I was quite anxious within my ability to accomplish tasks. I would delay and delay getting things done just primarily based off of fear. It even took me a while to actually speak to Tracy because of my fear of being judged. 

We finally did the RTT session after a previous booking which I missed but I’m extremely glad that I did the RTT session. We had some major breakthroughs and addressed some childhood traumas which I completely forgot about. This was an eye opening experience as I got to see some of my root causes. 

The main thing that came out of the session was protecting my space. The space within myself, my mind and personal space in order to get things done. I got better at saying no. I haven’t changed over night but at least I’m much more aware of the things that I need to do in order to get things done. Thanks Tracy.”


Fatima Salah

Memory & Self Esteem

“I found it extremely relaxing. The pre-session audio given before my initial session was an excellent way for me to know what to expect from the session.  The whole experience helped me really look within, release and address the hurt I was feeling. 

Towards the end I felt I was able for the first time to look at my situation as an outsider and know what the best solution was. I did feel exhausted by the end of it but relieved at the same time. Every time I listened to the recording I felt lifted and ready to face life! It was not only relaxing but motivating.”

Lidija Brusar

Anxiety & Procrastination

“Very professional and detailed. Tracy has everything under control which makes you feel confident you are in good hands. 

I went to Tracy wanting to solve my anxiety issue. Prior to the session I have been experiencing anxiety on a daily basis, never dealt with it, just avoided it in any way possible. I always dreamt of achieving big things, but never acted on it as if something was stopping me. It felt like I was my biggest enemy. The fear of the unknown and pressure of achieving it got the best of me and I entered a cycle of procrastination I didn’t seem to be able to manage on my own.

I was curious, and rather desperate, to experience a session with Tracy. Was it possible to finally get the clarity of what was happening with me? I was open enough to try and test it.

The session itself took place only after Tracy made sure she understood me and my issue in depth. I could see she likes to present a high level of professionality, which I deeply appreciated. There were a lot of questions designed to help me see the picture in a different light and force myself to face the problem. Session took around two hours. During it, I felt safe and guided. We went through and around my issue and didn’t stop until we got rid of it. 

By far, the best part for me was the audio recording. I have never gotten a better gift. Tracy included all of my wishes, everything I mentioned and expressed I wanted to hear. Now I am left with a strong and powerful recording that helps me make my way to success. Very detailed and nicely put together. I couldn’t recommend more. 

If you are interested in the result of the therapy, for me, results weren’t instant (except for the immediate stress relief and feeling good about life in general). It happened very subtly, in a way I didn’t even notice it. Only after I looked back I could see I have made progress. 

Out of the blue  – and to me, completely unrelated, or so I thought – I gained confidence to sort out personal relationship issues which previously caused me anxiety for around 2 years. It went so smoothly I couldn’t believe it. Now, two months after being free from this relationship issue, I see how calmly and easily I breathe and deal with life. I am motivated to pursue my dreams and I am going for it. Fear is still here, but my ability to deal with it increased tremendously. 

Thank you Tracy, you showed a high therapeutic skill set. You are professional, dedicated, detailed and observant. And most importantly, you got the result! I would recommend it. “

Maria (Name changed for Privacy)

Imposter Syndrome

“It was an eye-opening experience. Tracy is a kind, patient and observant therapist who is very skilled at capturing the issues at heart. I thought I would be reluctant to open up but in fact Tracy facilitated it to happen very easily. 

It was an in-depth yet focused session that targeted what I needed to work on. The session and listening to the recording afterwards guided me towards reframing my thoughts and self-beliefs so that I can lead my life with more self-compassion and confidence in myself.”

Kerry Andrews

Relationship & Communication

“I found Tracy to be very calm, professional, caring and thorough RTT Practitioner. Tracy guided me through the scenes I needed to review with a great deal of thoughtfulness and careful consideration on very private matters. And after listening to my personalised recording I was able to see my life more clearly. I really appreciated this wonderful healing session.”

Yih Hwey Low

Social Media Anxiety

“Tracy is well equipped with the knowledge and tools, you are in good hands!”

Kathy (Name changed for Privacy)

Self Sabotage

“Tracy is very good at bringing you to discover those issues that are hidden. She will ask questions that you have never asked yourself. She will go deep into the issue. What you will discover in her sessions, will provide you a different perspective of what you do and why you do it and as understanding is power, this will help you make real changes in those issues that have you stuck. 

On the other hand, her confidence is high so it will give you confidence that what you are discovering, will really change your life. You will get some information that will now make sense and that will make those changes even easier.”

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