I really enjoyed the session and since my session have seen major improvements in the areas I asked Tracy to work in for me. I am no longer waking up with stress and my kidney stones are not causing me as many issues.


I was curious about Tracy’s unique approach of love and energy healing. I am dealing with a very painful situation at the moment that keeps me up at night and keeps me in a loop of hurtful thoughts and feelings. After only 15 minutes with Tracy, I now feel much more balanced and think I will be able to overcome this painful experience by letting go of the hurt much easier and faster. I also had a great night’s sleep for the first time in a very long time.

Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons

Before my session I was suffering inconsolable grief having just lost my dad unexpectedly. Tracy helped to move a lot of that sadness. I was able to sleep soundly after my session and my vivid dreaming returned. An unexpected benefit I received was that my third eye was activated and I have had more clarity since the session. I would highly recommend a session with Tracy, it is relaxing and gentle with powerful results.

Margaret L.

About half way through the session I felt pure energy up the back of my neck and skull. As it came over the top of my head I could see in my minds eye and large dragon/reptilian being come out from the left of my body getting upset that it was being flushed out. As Tracy did her breath work I thanked it for our time together and it trailed off into the universe.

And there was one more small mischievous monkey entity that has been attached to me for some time and he bared his teeth and hissed and again I thank him and he left my spirit. Then from head to toe and making wings as well was violet flames. Cleansing. The inside of my head and third eye feels so clear. I feel I am ready to channel. So much love to you Tracy!!!!

Your session has unlocked or cleared much away. I am able to go into the spirit realm so much quicker and without a doubt can feel when I need to sit and channel the energies.


I felt very relaxed during the session once I let go to the process. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I feel asleep in my chair. The healing we were working on is deep seated so one session wasn’t ever going to be enough, but I felt lighter and more confident after.

Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons
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